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Oh woops sorry guys ;_;.

godblessthismessup wrote: "Now that I'm older and I can play the games again, I can appreciate the little details that I missed before. As you said, everything in this games bring back old memories. But I feel more attached to the music. That's how I found Steward Copeland's style is really neat, by appreciating that the sound effects in different soundtrack sound differently. For example, between the theme of Beast Makers home from the first game and the Breezy Harbour theme from the second."

Yes! I completely relate to this. Even though I’ve replayed the first trilogy a billion times, each time I feel something different, or even discover something different that I hadn’t before. And yes, the soundtrack is so good.

ghoulkuroha wrote: "Shhh, we don't EVER talk about ETD."

No we do not.

nopointhere wrote: "EtD sucked gnorc butts and everyone knows it. *bows* Thank you and good night."

Here’s a gnorc butt for ya.

fiftyshadesofampora wrote: "I think the oldschool spyro should remain the 3 ps1 games, come on ps1 is OLSCHOOL. Plus, Enter the Dragonfly didn't really work for me, I didn't find it as enjoyable as the trilogy, its like they tried to stretch out the original charm and they lost it in the 4th game. Other than that the "Legend Of Spyro" was alright but don't get me started on Skylanders!"

Trust me it will always remain the original trilogy!
Personally, I didn’t find The Legend of Spyro alright… I though it was a catastrophe ._. Of course people can like it, but I can’t take it :s. 

dreaminspire13 wrote: "Thank you for bringing my childhood memories back, seriously, keep doing what you're doing :)"

Thank you so much D’: ♥.

poltergeistprincess wrote: "OMG SPEAKING OF i was just playing spyro 4 last night and some of the textures weren't loading, the water looked like a solid mass and wasnt moving at all, one time part of the level forgot to load and i fell through, not to mention spyro and his animations look horrendous god that game is so delightfully awful"

It was and still is a massive disappointment to me ;_;.

Anonymous wrote: "Alex- moneybags annoys me :|"

This video will sum up your feelings.

Anonymous wrote: "I'm so happy I found your blog! I adore spyro, I grew up with it and played it every summer at my cottage!"

Thank you! I’m glad it can bring back such memories!

Anonymous wrote: "You don't seem to post anything about the 4th spyro game, enter the dragonfly. Why is this? Is there a reason?"

I.. I’m not sure how to answer this question.
Oldschoolspyro has always revolved around the original trilogy ._.